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Discover Quebec City’s European charm at Aneyro Hotels. Whether you’re interested in history, gourmet dining, or a romantic getaway, we provide personalized recommendations for an inclusive and memorable experience.

Bello Ristorante


Don Vegan


Le Clan

Quebec cuisine

La Bûche

Quebec cuisine


Built in the early 1600s by Guillaume Couillard, a French settler, the Auberge Place d’Armes was renovated in 2003 by his descendant Marc-Antoine Doré. This historic inn, on land once owned by Couillard, offers a journey back in time, combining ancestral architecture with family heritage. It features two distinct styles: the French side with century-old stones and beams, and the English side, inspired by George Renfrew, showcasing brick and woodwork.

Built in 1640 by Martin Boutet, the French section of the Auberge Place d’Armes, near rue du Trésor, was once a grand house and home to notable historical figures like Anne Gasnier and Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau. From 1947, it hosted a wax museum featuring key figures from New France and Quebec, which closed in 2006. In 2007, the Couillard-Doré family expanded the Auberge into this space, and the most famous wax statues were donated to the Museum of Civilisation.

Dating back to 1853, the English side of the building was designed by architect Edward Stavely, popular among affluent landowners. Originally acquired by Renfrew near his Holt Renfrew fur and hat business, it included a direct passageway to his shop. After years of residency, Renfrew rented it out. It served as a rooming house from 1929 to 1957 before being converted into a hotel.


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